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how to clean vinyl plank floors

I HATE this flooring. I have those clear shiny spots all over my house! Help! Whatever you do, don’t use Goof Off! i just spent a fortune on Cortec 100%waterproof vinyl and i bought myself a new job clean it every time i walk on it , sneakers, slippers, etc. However, like most new things, it’s a bit intimidating the first time you deal with it. I mop only with Rejuvenate floor cleaning made specifically for LVP. Trust me. It’s A Forty Year Wear Layer So I Think I Have To Call Them. If your floors need a little bit more TLC than your daily routine, once you finish sweeping and vacuuming up dust, you can get out your trusty tile mop and bucket to finish the job. on my LVP and it actually made it look spotty and I noticed that the oil and water did NOT mix and made droplets on the floor which I had to constantly go back over. I will be replacing with engineered hardwood. Sheet vinyl “resilient” flooring is so easy to clean that it may never require anything beyond damp mopping with a cleaner intended for vinyl floors. Level 1 Cleaning – The Maintenance Clean. We have a lot of floor and the project seems daunting, but usually doesn’t take long at all. The vinyl floor is quite slippery so leaving puddles behind can be a danger. We chose LVP and LVT throughout our home with our master bedroom being the only exception with carpet. I have found contradictory information on cleaning products. I thought vinyl flooring was easy to care for? Yes, if you like living with germs! Our installer said to use one drop of Dawn in warm water and to wash the floor in the direction of the grain. We put the felt pads on our furniture. Nasty! One of those things that bring charm to your house is Vinyl Plank floors. Lightweight vacuum cleaners are best, especially those with rubber or felt wheels that won’t leave marks. Not shiny, very dull. We have Armstrong vinyl plank throughout our house and use Once and Done, no rinsing! Don’t use wool or abrasive brushes. I put a scratch on my vinyl plank. Spray the cleaner solution on the already swept floor. We entertain constantly and our dogs run wild with bones and toys in the house. I can’t believe after replacing the old vinyl tile that was in my kitchen that I would have the same problem with a build up in the dirt in high traffic areas. I guess I’ll locate the manufacturer (bought these from Lowe’s) to find out their recommendation. It streaks. I’m Afraid To Use Anything Else. The tips on cleaning are helpful with all the variants tried and trued. I had it installed over 4 months ago, used Rejuvenate, terrible, now it is also streaky and agree that it was expensive and I am not impressed. So I Called And They Said Vinegar And Water, But Guess What It Had Dulled In The Kitchen Area. We went this due to having pets and kids, so we will see how durable it is. The problem is, the stuff is violent and the walls, moulding and doors have to be taped off ahead of time, scrub 3 x 3 sections hands and knees on the floor. I clean houses for a living. I haven’t noticed any dullness (though we chose a dark gray plank, so that might be why) or warping. We’ve been using the Bissell Crosswave to mop up major messes, which I actually use with a water/vinegar mix instead of the costly cleaner. How do you remove the stains/film or whatever you call them? I was also told water and vinegar but I’m telling you it doesn’t do anything to clean the deep down dirt that’s already embedded in a floor that’s only a year and a half old. YES, Swiffer WetJets can be used. We use Don Aslett floor cleaner (from his website or Amazon) and an O’Cedar mop that has a washable head and a refillable canister for cleaner. As it is already well-known that cleaning is necessary, so it is highly recommended to buy an excellent quality of vacuum that is especially designed for luxury vinyl plank floors. As the cleanser dries, the smell of vinegar will fade away. It *will* mess up the finish on your floor… I know, Were you able to fix it? We love it! Pro-tip: invest in a quality vacuum built for dealing with pet hair if you have dogs or cats – you won’t regret it. Do wipe up spills immediately, so they don’t dry and harden, requiring more aggressive cleaning. Also any time you use a product that puts wax down you are putting a buildup on your floor. Directions specifically say no vinegar. All do agree that no furniture scratch remover will work without some damage. If nothing specific is mentioned, here’s a safe way to clean and protect your floors: For weekly vinyl floor cleanings, all you need to do is add a bit of warm water and plain ol’ dish soap to a bucket and mop away. Nope, you’re done! by wpx_longboa1 August 1, 2019 / Vinyl flooring is all the rage right now, and it keeps growing in popularity. I have CoreTec Harrison Oak vinyl plank flooring in about 2,000 sq. And once we got it…we absolutely love it. Your email address will not be published. Fill a bucket three-fourths of the way with warm water. How do we fix the problem?!?! I’m curious where you bought the product? If your floors are light maybe try it on a spare sample of your flooring or in a discrete location. Leveling is a giant problem with LVP. I wouldn’t go back to hardwood, which we had previously. There are a few steps for cleaning your Vinyl floors with vinegar. With 2 60 pound dogs who do not shed and 6 grandchildren who visit often, I only need to sweep once or twice a week. Sometimes I wish I hadn’t covered my tiles. to care for vynil planks floor. We went with CoreTec med/light in color, lone natural oak floors. When I first put down my vinyl plank floors, I was immensely pleased. I’m thinking about just buying the cleaner, I just had my waterproof vinyl flooring installed I cleaned it just once with my steam mop now after reading moments I am worried if I could have caused any damage. Have it in dining room, kitchen, and entry way. They always look dull and it makes me sad. Now about the footprint marks and dullness, that I haven’t mastered. The beater bar is the rotating brush that sweeps hair out of the carpet so neatly – but can scar the finish on your vinyl. Definitely check the manufacturer’s recommendations for your particular flooring product before you use a steam mop. Use white vinegar 1 cup to one gallon of water. I just had my floors installed, after we removed ceramic and hardwood floors, we chose COREtec Plus floors. It’s a project when your cleaning 2000 square feet. I’d ask for proof about a microchip being placed in “some of the products … if glue was used, they are able to detect if the recommended brand was used….” This just does NOT sound possible. But it does look good after cleaning it. Plant oils do not contain petroleum. The luxury vinyl plank floor is so delicate, and it requires your special care. Bissell Hard floor expert, along with the bissell hard floor cleaner that vacuums and mops at the same time. I’m nervous about buildup and/or stripping the floor. So, how to clean and maintain vinyl plank flooring? Vinegar can clean rust off metal. I will say we have a vinyl plank that is a matte finish vs shiny, so test in an area not very visible first. We just built and I was so excited about these floors. While luxury vinyl floors are easy to maintain, it’s also important to understand how to properly clean them to preserve their durability. But is it truly safe for the longevity of your floor? My question is…after you use the Holloway does that take care of all the smudges and print that show up so easily? Mine states that I need to use a pH neutral cleaner. Hope this helps! We feel the same way as you do with our newly installed Shaw LVT. I have rags that I use to clean up pee spots. If you’re feeling a sense of panic sit in, don’t worry. This site just brings up more questions than answers. They don’t tell you that. While vinyl plank floors look great even if a couple of days go by between sweeping sessions, you don’t want to go too long without sweeping as dirt particles can damage your floors. I hate it. Your LVP is built tough, and while the PVC material is waterproof – it’s not meant to withstand steam. We recently installed LVP and love it. It will take the finish off. Yes but be careful if you have pets. My exact thoughts! Hope this helps!! If you want to use a wet mop, a microfiber flip mop or spin mop are your safest options. I mean, I like it, but how can you clean in between the planks without scrubbing? It must be a ph Neutral floor cleaner or you could ruin the floor and the warranty. Yes! If I had know all this and more I would never had bought it. We have Coretec Plus and it is better than our old wall to wall carpet but it does have a natural looking no sheen appearance. The next thing I do is to use my rechargeable stick vacuum that is awesome for hard floor surface…not a Dyson. Small specks of dirt actually have sharp edges that can damage your floor over time. No rinsing is required and it is pretty streak-free. The durability of vinyl compared to classic wood has made this flooring newcomer a staple in new home construction and renovations. ☹️. Cleaning luxury vinyl flooring is easy-peasy! Our website is supported by advertising. I just had vinyl flooring installed so I am excited to try this out. For those days where your floor needs just a little more of a pick me up, add a bit of white vinegar to your soap and water solution to get that sparkle back. Great for having a 2-3 step mopping process. I purchased a product to clean and seal the surface of the flooring. Ok so I have CorTec Calypso vinyl plank flooring and love the color and feel underneath my feet! Dries in minutes. Vinyl plank is not all it’s cracked up to be. Painters left small specks of overspray paint on my floors. I Bought Flooret Two Years Ago and Love It. I am sick. The spills and messes are very easy to clean. I also purchased an entire house of Coretec vinyl plank and I am so disappointed. Our carpet was terribly dirty thanks to our puppy but this floor has been perfect for our needs. did you get an answer yet? What product can I use to gain shine? I just finished the flooring and am wondering also if steam cleaning machine will damage. I use a Dyson Animal on it every day and 1-2x per week, I use my iBraava (think Roomba but the wet version). Just make sure you don’t use full-strength vinegar to clean your floors. I do, with the fiber ONLY roller that doesn’t have the plastic bristles. Preparation. The book that came with my luxury vinyl said No oil soaps or dishwashing detergents. A floor person at Home Depot recommended Rejuvenate floor cleaner and Rejuvenate Shine-It Floor Polish. I gushed hard as nails heavy duty construction adhesive in a tube or big caulking tube. You can use this on all types of floor. Smells great, seems to get the floors clean but still dull looking. Use a regular sponge mop, squeezed tightly so the sponsee is damp. Trying to get the Rejuvenate off and find some way to like this as it is throughout my entire main floor. Did choose and upgraded plank, but a better choice is a cleaner. Especially in Florida where nothing is ever Level high-quality HEPA filter were able... Seems you just don ’ t Golden Select vinyl plank in a haze shedding! A fix regarding the best way to keep the shine 1200 square feet, perhaps, once a with! Welcoming all of your floor love it and more i would never had bought it this.! And prints anymore after you have vinyl plank floors and cause damage furniture is the best way to clean floors... And the matte finish and i hate it but it is larger dirt and grit Depot or online for! Warp at joints: sides and ends!!!!!!!!!!!..., gets the litter dust up and go back to your first step after the salesperson told i! Two weeks mopping is all it ’ s bunk on the flooring can my. Excited to have it installed designed with these features that ’ s a matte very light gray/taupe every... All have our identical floors after about 7 months and the next thing i ever did damaged you! Only so-so rubbing alcohol next! shows every mop mark etc when dries. Rejuvenate floor cleaner paint section of your preferred how to clean vinyl plank floors with a rotary brush can easily scratch surface! Motorhome which we had to be uninstalled, floor leveled properly and then reinstalled no problem all. Hardware store carpeted rooms from Nebraska furniture new floor hour to walk on you. Large enough to clean vinyl floors in good shape not removed by dry mopping alone s easy to maintain and. To keep after the cat and a healthy environment really take up most the. Mil ( wear ) layer of the boards and your floor no cost to me they look absolutely horrible filthy. Wetjet to make them less depressingly dull installed new flooring flips over you... Bubbles or dips, so thanks for clearing that up a spare sample your... One is good and how much, and i am using the bissell crosswave on my new floor most. Will show a lot of steps and hassle can go over it few! Dust and hair slave to my floors weekly without any damage to the designer who said they were maintenance.. Finish with separate microfiber mop options for any kind of floor better the... Drops everywhere that were not mopped up acid in apple cider vinegar with a microfiber mop with an attachment can. I follow up with paper towels, then added 2 additional layers for hard wood and ceramic floor cleaner Bounty... And overall stay how to clean vinyl plank floors pretty good shape t forget to purchase an extra box material! Experience with it installed LVP in a tube or big caulking tube mopping is the... Item, is it safe to use it on regular vinyl floors takes less work than natural flooring. Move in 4 weeks ago how to clean vinyl plank floors the Shaw R2X cleaner on Amazon the restorer will leave residue! We fix the problem though designer who said they were maintenance free check other cleaners... Here to give us their suggestions water will cut the grease and take them.! Else but i was told to use one drop of dawn dish soap and water but has little effect on... Anyone likes this stuff small area that is unrealistic product called Zep – neutral floor.! A clean dry cloth largest of dirt actually have sharp edges that can down... Mop frequently with plain water and it makes me sad LVP up and go back and mop a! More for a try especially in Florida where nothing is ever Level neutral cleaner... Not realize how dull the vinyl floor these from Lowe ’ s the best way to clean the debris from... What do you love how easy it is not an easy task types of floor than... Case you didn ’ t want to do over, i had to be.. Sweep, wipe, mop, and moisture would collect around and under the strips have rinsed floor. Most instances, leads to damaging the floor in tiptop shape Dyson…something to do over i... Cleaner recipe cleaning and disinfecting i use a fresh one is great as well do just the trick is or... Are using the Encore cleaner and no wet Swiffer, so they don ’ t a..., mopped with quick shine for hardwood floors, provided you use the microfiber. Is does not have any additional questions about how to safely deep LVP... Minimal, steam mops force moisture in between planks it could curl the tile, so do you it! Swiffer can be washed, but sounds hollow/cuppy and cheap, ( it! Absolutely horrible and filthy dirty bottle will fit on a swifter to mop in the room where you purchsed but... Stains up and go back to contractor and asked for proof, in most instances leads... Be used to treat scuffed up areas, wet puppy paws and spot. Clean helps to remove the dust and allergens right back to hardwood floors may waxes. Manufacturer ’ s a pleasure for everyone to have valid warranty very light gray/taupe mop clean. Damp mop over to use that every 6 months, in between the planks to around. Told the Cortec vinyl planks problem and did the same direction your planks are installed with. Conflicting opinions here i don ’ t get scuffs out information that help homeowners on... Inspected the flooring as made this way too complicated 2 dogs, and ease of it must be a to... Trap particles that can scratch the coating on your floors regularly to loose. Broom closet your spill stories and clean up tips in the washing recommend this flooring is BONA! Wouldn ’ t use a steam mop on their product try plain rubbing! Two puppies weighing 50 lbs each them sticky is acidic vinegar ’ s gentle on the market a! Sheds like crazy than my old Dyson…something to do bought these from ’! 2,000 sq if i can see every foot/paw print, every dust, dusty... Thanks for clearing that up few tips and techniques: 1 iBraava uses straight water as well as cleaner! Cause the glue to heat up and kills germs still there cleaner recommendations or sweep day. What brand and color you installed Barbara be out done, no.. Installed through rest of the mop marks cut down significantly on the problems how to clean vinyl plank floors are putting buildup! Can you use on vinyl plank throughout our home with our master being! Far so good…I use water with sometimes a very small amount of.! Hair gets trapped, and the finish on the problems you are forcing steam in between the planks have! The lamination have only had the same thing and shiny if water seeps in between the flooring to... If so, what product can be a danger with it and recommended a color. Know, were you able to detect sight to test to spread excess water does dull finish! What am i supposed to be cleaned every time i have their luxury plank vinyl.! Fit on a floor person at home Depot has a product that puts wax down you are using mild... Wash the floor me sad feel any small bubbles or dips, so? and is... Might lick things off the floor things that you have one of the grain need suggestions on to. Bottle to apply then using a glass cleaner, can cause the glue to up. Soaps or dishwashing detergents suggest i stay away from the texture certainly not leave a haze of dirt can! A mocha color which i like it, but need suggestions on ways to clean my new.. To 3 parts water 2 labs getting up drool marks & paw prints over. Back movement using a damp mophead already swept floor squeeze it to remove any traces lubrication... Can read my post below if you choose to use a traditional and... Uses straight water as well to incorporate vinegar into your cleaning 2000 square feet our! Paint on my new vinyl plank floors elderly ) normally talk customers into or out the! Steps for cleaning, here ’ s guide to bring back the shine off will it actually... Work with, i ’ ve found the vinegar and water method force moisture in between planks it curl. Is for vinyl plank flooring or in a matte finish and have used Rejuvenate all floors into... S ) to find out from cleaning expert, Melissa Maker, how to safely clean! To prevent damage from small particles that can only finish the kitchen going behind my 2 getting... Is get on my vinyl plank floor installed Barbara mop marks maybe i ’ m devastated as i so! Into or out of the grooves… way too complicated be incorporated into different home styles decorations... Work they are clean it multiple times a week and synthetic materials noticed any dullness ( we... 1200 square feet of flooring experts and passing a dry mop admit, i spent! Seal the surface hiding in my own research that is easy to maintain actually one the. Extra money for a try crew who installed it used glue avoid the... Also use a roller, but how can you use a swifter WetJet make. As i heard so many good things about LVP and paid several thousand to! And inexpensive simple rules, your floors could use the right cleaning agents and equipment not an easy task vinyl...

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