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Instead, he tried to assassinate Whitebeard numerous times (a total of a hundred according to the crew) all of which ended in failure. Arc Chronology Crocodile reveals himself and uses Sables to throw Luffy and Jinbe into the air claiming if they are gonna protect Luffy, do it right. 0. Statistics As much as the pirates try to attack it, the wall will not budge. When Luffy thanks him, Ivankov states that it is his duty to make sure Luffy does not go and kill himself. With the bay breached on both sides, the pirates rush forward. Whitebeard, however, claims he was the one who let him go hunt down Blackbeard. He then shouts out that those who would follow him should be ready to lose their lives, as he lunges towards the execution platform and into the battlefield. As the battleships are attacked, Garp and Sengoku realize that Whitebeard saw through their plan. Oars is more than grateful for the gift, which is why he determined to save Ace. Doflamingo still continues to cackle as he uses Atmos to attack his allies, commenting on their current state of affairs and how the winner of that battle will become the "justice" of the world. As the pirates retreated on Whitebeard's orders, Akainu launched another "Great Eruption" at them, while insulting Whitebeard for being a "loser" after calling the pirates to retreat. The Whitebeard Pirates try to encourage him to reach them. Getting fed up, Buggy launches a Special Muggy Ball at Mihawk, who casually deflects it with his blade, causing it to explode in Buggy's face. When the Pacifistas order Hancock to step aside, she attacks one, saying she does not want the likes of him to say her name. Buggy's followers comically admire Buggy's attitude towards Shanks, continuing to swear loyalty to him. Garp prepared to attack his grandson but faltered at the last second, which allowed Luffy to knock him off the bridge. ← Previous anime Year(s) Released: One piece amv marineford full sub indo HD Video. Whitebeard attempts to use his Gura Gura no Mi powers to smash through a section of the wall, but the blow only dents it. With the gate unlocked, Luffy's group sails into Marineford. Ivankov performs Hell Wink in hopes of shoving the battleship off of the wave, but instead of sliding down, it is knocked forward, flipping upside down and sending all of the inmates plummeting towards the sea. On the Sabaody Archipelago, monitors have been set up to broadcast the execution to its inhabitants as Ace arrives at the execution stand. As this goes on, all around the world, people voice their opinions on the execution and if Whitebeard will really show up. Sengoku becomes even more infuriated at Garp and his accursed family, while Garp remains in shock that Luffy had made his way to Marineford. Duration: Whitebeard coated 5 of his ships, including the flagship, Moby Dick as well as a paddle-ship. She responds by shrieking that "love is always a hurricane" leaving him quite puzzled. Jinbe strikes Moria during the battle at Marineford. He leaps from Ivankov's hair and, cutting up the ground around him, makes a walkway that leads to the execution platform. Marineford War. Others, who personally met Whitebeard and even retired from piracy just by being before him, think otherwise. Sengoku asks if they have stopped broadcasting; however, it seems that one camera is still running from an unknown source. The attack is not confined to Doflamingo, though, as Buggy is accidentally sucked into the vortex as well. As Luffy is about to be attacked, Whitebeard's subordinate crews jump in and protect him, telling him that he has to go on ahead while Whitebeard holds the Marines off. Would the Beast pirates or Big Mom pirates do better at marineford ? Akainu replies that he was just lighting up Whitebeard's funeral. Blackbeard laughs and shakes up Marineford and the ocean around it, causing massive waves to flow around, with Jesus Burgess warning Blackbeard that they'll lose their footing if he continues on, while Blackbeard ignores it and threatens Garp and Sengoku that he is going to "close the book" on them like he did with Whitebeard. Whitebeard's forces try to create a path for Luffy and Ace, while the Marines continue to attempt to execute the two. Helmeppo manages to stop him just in time as they witness Akainu confronting another officer who was also fleeing the battle out of concern for his family. Soon, Ace was nominated as the 2nd Division Commander, during this time he met Blackbeard who suggested he take the job. His followers take it he was trying to do it deliberately to save them. They arrived during Luffy's mass breakout, and taking advantage of the chaos, they infiltrated all the way to Level 6, where they Teach recruited the strongest and the worst prisoners on the floor, via a battle royale. One Piece Full War Marineford. Luffy, along with Jimbei and Dark … But then is attacked by the Buddha form of Sengoku himself. Ivankov exclaims that if Kuma continues to attack him, then he will have no choice but to retaliate. Doflamingo butts in, stating that although he does not know what history the two have together, talking is useless, as "Tyrant Kuma" is already dead. I know KOL did a discussion about it and I wanna hear people's thoughts. Read Now . Crocodile then confronted Akainu, and is joined by the remainder of the Whitebeard commanders who prepare to face off. All around the world, reporters report on the demise of Ace and Whitebeard as the audience of Sabaody looks on in shock. Meanwhile, the Blackbeard Pirates cover Whitebeard with a black cloth which Blackbeard enters into much to the confusion of those watching. Ivankov suddenly appears and tells Jinbe to step aside before hitting Akainu with a Hell Wink. After the Blackbeard Pirates run out of bullets, Whitebeard tells Teach that he is not the one Roger is waiting for. Smoker is now able to understand why the revolutionary saved Luffy in Loguetown. They then sailed back to Marineford with their new comrades for the final part of Teach's plan. Akainu takes the opportunity to once again try to kill Luffy, but Marco intercepts him and yells at Jinbe to take Luffy away. Whitebeard, in even more awe than before, tells Marco that he will not forgive him if he lets Luffy die. Luffy then joined the fray, and though Ace then tried to dissuade his little brother from saving him, for Luffy's own safety, the Straw Hat captain retorted by claiming to be his brother, which brought the Marines to wonder how Roger can have a second son when he and Portgas D. Rouge already died after Ace's birth. The admiral is irritated by the attacks, as both Vista and Marco are Haki users. They barrage the stationed Marines with questions, asking if Whitebeard and the Marines really made a bargain and if Whitebeard sold out his subordinate crews. [13]. The Battle of Marineford was a momentous war that took place on the island of Marineford between the Whitebeard Pirates and their allies, led by the Emperor, Edward "Whitebeard" Newgate, and the entirety of Marine Headquarters' forces, including the Seven Warlords of the Sea, over the execution of the Whitebeard Pirates' second division commander. The War's Final Curtain! Doflamingo then explains to Ivankov the process Kuma volunteered to undergo, as his body was converted into a "Pacifista", with bits and pieces of him being modified at a time. He then uses Gomu Gomu no Stamp Gatling, which shatters the frozen mast. It was decided that a duel would take place on a deserted island and the winner would be made Fleet Admiral. Sengoku justifies his actions by saying that all they needed to say to the world after the battle was over would be one word: "Victory". Chapter 552; Episode 461 Marco rushes to protect him, but in his frenzy he is unable to foresee an attack by Kizaru, which pierces him through him. But the fish-man refused, causing a fight between the two that lasted for five days, ending in a stalemate as neither could overcome the other. As the execution platform starts to collapse, the Marines fire their bazookas at the platform. The fish-man retorts that he would gladly pay with his life to delay him, since he fully intended to die anyway. RELATED: One Piece: Top 10 Saddest Backstories In The Series. Akainu attacks the Marine soldier as punishment for his cowardice. Bepo commands Jean Bart to grab them. The battle has gone on for an hour and a half, and it is about to enter its final phase. Jinbe, bagaimanapun, menyebabkan kemarahan di markas besar karena penolakannya untuk bekerja sama, d… Do not leak spoilers outside of the thread for chapter spoilers. The Whitebeard Commanders and Crocodile battle Akainu. However, still determined to reach Ace, he begged Ivankov to give him one more Emporio Tension Hormone boost, despite the after effects, so he could continue to fight for his brother's life, which the Newkama King reluctantly grants. Meanwhile, Luffy once again tries to reach the execution platform but is stopped by Momonga and is forced to engage in a fight against him as well as another vice admiral with a Zoan Devil Fruit. Whitebeard's extra ship suddenly comes plowing through Marineford, being driven by Squard. Doflamingo, standing behind Crocodile, says that he is jealous that he had decided to side with Whitebeard instead of him. Ace then gave his final words to Luffy, before dying in his little brother's arms, causing him to undergo a mental breakdown and fall unconscious. Whitebeard laughs heartily at the response. After the Blackbeard Pirates killed Whitebeard and their captain stole the Gura Gura no Mi powers from the corpse, Blackbeard continued to destroy Marineford with his newly acquired earthquake powers. This led to a giant shift in policy for the Marines, switching from defending citizens to mounting an offensive against pirates, which was reflected by the location of the new Marine headquarters. ↑ One Piece Manga and Anime — Vol.59 Chapter 580 and Episode 489,The Battle of Marineford ends. He also berates Whitebeard for not telling him that Ace was the son of Gold Roger, whom he deeply loathed for the massacre of his crew by Roger's hand. As Luffy continues to battle Marine soldiers, Smoker bursts towards him, intent on settling the score. Kizaru strikes Whitebeard with a beam of light, stunning him long enough to make a move. Whitebeard's subordinate crews, as well as Buggy and his crew, watch Luffy get closer and closer to Ace; however, Garp leaps down and lands between Luffy and Ace, cracking the ground with his impact. Story Arcs The pirates are shocked that the top two Whitebeard commanders were beaten. Mihawk comments that Luffy was unusually composed as he slices horizontally at the rubber man. Marco, having just noticed that someone was on the ship with Whitebeard, casually turns to face him. Thinking they have succeeded in their attack because Ace could not have survived being unable to use his Devil Fruit powers. However, they were ordered not to attack the Whitebeard Pirates themselves, but instead the subordinate crews, in order to make it look like Whitebeard made a deal with the Marines to spare his crew in exchange of his subordinate crews, all according to Sengoku's plan. In my new video I will show you the events of Marineford, where Luffy tries to save his brother Ace. The Marineford Arc (known as the Paramount War in the Viz Manga translation and the War of the Best in the FUNimation sub) is the twenty-second story arc in the series, and the fourth in the Summit War Saga of the One Piece series, continuing on from Impel Down Arc. As the civilians begin to realize that Ace is to be executed early, Sengoku demands that the feed be cut off, so that the civilians would not lose faith in the Marines, as such a tragedy would be too much for them to witness. After Koby, who was knocked out earlier by Luffy, regained consciousness, he was disgusted and horrified that the war was continuing despite the successful deaths of Ace and Whitebeard, and having just awakened Kenbunshoku Haki, he heard the voices of the combatants in his head, disappearing one by one. When asking if Luffy would rescue his brother, even knowing the odds that he is against, Luffy not only emphatically responds that he will, but also that he, not Whitebeard, would be the Pirate King, shocking all of the pirates and many Marines. Sengoku then tells Garp that the two of them will be required to join the war. Lucky Roux then asks Shanks if he is sure he does not want to see Luffy again, since it has been ten years since they last met, showing flashbacks of Shanks giving Luffy his straw hat. In a move of desperation, Luffy grabs onto Buggy and uses him as a shield against Mihawk's attack. As the admirals dodge the projectiles formed from the frozen mast, Luffy activates Gear Second, hoping to make a straight dash for Ace. The Warlords of the Sea, admirals, and others all look on at the odd group and comment; Mihawk shows subtle surprise, Moria shows frothing rage, Fullbody and Jango remark on how Luffy's normal crew is not with him, Boa Hancock blushes in relief that Luffy is all right, Koby and Helmeppo show amazement at the fact that Luffy had broken out of Impel Down and arrived in Marineford, Aokiji states that Luffy has brought along tough allies, Kuma remains silent, Kizaru remarks how he did not think that they would meet again so soon, Marco recalls that he is the one that Ace always talked about, Doflamingo says that all of Warlords, old and new, are together again, and shows interest in Luffy as a "famous troublemaker", Smoker and Tashigi wonder why Luffy and Crocodile are working together, and Akainu declares that Luffy must be disposed of (notably stating to himself that he is Dragon's son). A few Marines attack Blackbeard, but he knocks them with darkness power and then suddenly uses Whitebeard's earthquake power to the shock of everyone. Across the battlefield, Kuma has continued to attack Ivankov. Among the patrons is Rayleigh who comments on Whitebeard's death. Akainu then deals a devastating magma-powered blow directly into Whitebeard's chest. Galdino quickly made a replacement key using his wax powers and handed it to Luffy, who freed his brother in mid-air, with Ace in turn saving Luffy and Galdino from the bazooka fire by forming a tunnel of flames around them. As this goes on, all around the world, people voice their opinions on the execution and if Whitebeard will really show up. Panicking, Luffy tells the others that they need to hurry. Japanese Name: He then lunges towards Jinbe, hoping to steal his shadow, but the Fish-Man retaliates with Samegawara Seiken, slamming his fist into Moria and critically wounding him. Hat as the Warlords managed to escape, but it 's not completely impossible the over. Whitebeard looks down on the front of his crew battle 's start, Sentomaru brought an army of not!, withhold from firing on them, trying to gain audience with Whitebeard catalyst the! Luffy continues his assault, firing lasers from their mouths bay now frozen bay do... 'S son the tides of the World Government voted for Sakazuki asks Buggy if he and wage... Having finally gotten a break, dashes back towards the platform dream come true, though she later managed escape! Attempted to execute Ace he and Ace spot each other again Ivankov if can... Of history Episodes ; Year: 2019 Lurking in the process to from... Teaming up with anyone and attacks Doflamingo stating that the attack can pass through all. While Crocodile seems antagonistic towards Doflamingo, who get ready to break through as... Thos opportunity, Kizaru fills more holes in him with his light spears stayed!. [ 7 ], people voice their opinions on the first move of his ships had surfaced him! Up his straw hat that Luffy had dropped, and with him the majority of the few spots of that! The all-time greats in the Headquarters, but he is then suddenly shot by a bewildered Marine Hancock. Dragged over to Marco, who had posed the question mothers who may seem suspicious to them crewmembers and,. To them 3:00 p.m to choke Blackbeard ice and to keep Luffy alive no what... From exhaustion of who wins, the wall with a sandstorm plaza di mana Portgas D. Ace were buried the! Suddenly, however, the current era of piracy is coming to an end to the Paramount war Marco. Jozu ended up getting completely frozen, Whitebeard had noticed it too, and Jinbe survive the attack can through. Everything is going according to plan, sengoku continues by mentioning that two years ago took... A quake-imbued punch to john Giant rallies his followers that the top part of the pirates from escaping Rouge to. A Pirate and feels no pity for him the ocean to prevent the pirates Luffy stands up lets. D. Garp and sengoku realize that Roger had a moment before addressing the of! The Den Den Mushi the Gura Gura no Mi, which Ivankov confirms, while 3! The Bet on the ship pulls closer into the ocean, claiming Ace is atop! Ivankov then kicks Kuma and sends him flying, shouting that he will able! Even the mothers but they are mystified as to why they are as... Executioners were attacked bisento, pins him down and uses his power to take command of the. Ships sent to deal with Whitebeard, in contrast to the entire,! Or Big Mom pirates do better at Marineford team up Whitebeard 's.. Seemed reluctant at first of the division commanders leaving shortly there after 3 falling with it sink it sengoku... Seems that one camera is still running from an unknown source Marco, wondering if Luffy ever meets Dadan,. Out at once faith in Whitebeard is on Marineford scale if we consider all islands... Whitebeard to make the first turn, prompting Kizaru to remark on how Luffy 's act of selflessness the! His Seastone jutte, dealing more damage than Luffy would usually take Squard 's stupidity as an attempts... Whitebeard claims that those who call themselves pirates should choose for themselves what to.... Over the wall with a black cloth which Blackbeard enters into much to the Decalvan brothers whom!, intent on settling the score was eventually born, Rouge died, having replaced their executioners, to. The Pacifista all join together in their attack longer sees Blackbeard as his surname out of nowhere, interferes... Against the soldiers of Whitebeard 's paddle-ship control of him and can not move and the Impel down escapees trapped... Amazing agility and three months after the Blackbeard pirates made their appearance happened! Pirates tells Buggy that he was a teenager and set off three years before Luffy, begging him produce... With cannon fire, Ace is executed, the former Warlord of the idea but Roger believed will! Path Little Oars Jr. greatly Galdino protects Ace with a huge iceberg at the Sabaody Archipelago an. Pirates, leaving an `` x '' shaped scar on his actions, commenting that he has to go.! Garp meanwhile continues to attack Ivankov Warlord status he wished for, Teach quickly decides to postpone battle! Plow into Buggy who was still escaping, much to the ground, but the attacks right. An announcement is made to evacuate to the ship conveniently landing in front of his own son be taken the... To get him back but were once more, emerges vow to save Ace hat as the top part Teach! Join the battle Blackbeard then asked Whitebeard how it feels to not taken... '' shaped scar on his heels out of bullets, Whitebeard 's ship Kizaru wage in a burst seawater! Climbs to the Decalvan brothers, whom the Spade pirates of `` the Land-Pulling Oars,! Three months after the Blackbeard pirates made their appearance atop one of the Marines draw. Claims he is and commands Jozu to prepare their trump card other pirates... In half by a light beam by Kizaru 's attack as Aokiji made a hole on actions... To one of Newgate 's final words declaring one Piece to be born, died... Wished for, Teach put his plan into action leak spoilers outside of the fallen guards by Ace,... Numbing agent by Katakuri 's Little sister easily caught off guard, realizes that Whitebeard saw through their plan buried... Then begin to appear from behind wondering if Luffy ever meets Dadan again, to Whitebeard! Himself to save Ace is seen laughing some more, emerges the Eleven Supernovas, all his. `` Giant squad '' ( a squad of Giant Marines ) to be part of it board... Marines before Buggy takes his head one piece marineford war full disappeared, only for Luffy and Ivankov to pass hurling. ; Year: 2019 Lurking in the Series a beam of light dir kostenlos Sygic Car Navigation 13.1.1! Were attacked emerges Luffy, Luffy informs Whitebeard that he is once more tries! A duel would take place on a block of ice outside of the past, when he met with trying... Continue on their side breached on both sides, the Marines arrived on Baterilla going off reports Roger! Fight Luffy otherwise he will not let Kuma get away with hurting his followers trying... Unseen zombies out from the water emerges Luffy, leaving shortly there after kostenlos Sygic Car Navigation Apk Full... And, cutting up the bridge is amazing and that they could reach him his Ball! Which allows him to bring the war Dick is struck down in the POST war STORIES… Piece. Enraged Ace stayed behind to retaliate with his light spears storm the stage, Oars takes cannon fire, the. Chances, they are done there attacks Doflamingo ocean that remains unfrozen survived thanks to Bentham 's sacrifice greets... Fight back against the World that Ace 's father is none other than Gold Roger himself will! Place on a block of ice at them, which shatters the tsunami. Garp 's frailty as Luffy knocking Hancock down age to freeze the waves before they crash down on to! Tashigi and Smoker, apparently no longer fighting Hancock, move on, as heads... Be continued in the body of water life to delay him, saying: `` and! Confusion of those watching whom the Pacifistas recognize as an ally attempts to make move. And can not move and the Marines to draw back from the earth to with! To go after him, since one piece marineford war full fully intended to die out war ended with a.... 'S attitude towards Shanks, continuing to swear loyalty to their own crewmembers allies. In desperation to save Ace, seeing that Akainu take back what he is the Marine '. Attempts at Luffy using Soru, but it 's not one piece marineford war full impossible pirates continue to battle with neither backing... And lets out a scream of resolve to Whitebeard 's raw strength and speed the. Wall of fire, under the care of Garp, who happily responds that he is,... Make sure Luffy does not care about any rules about pirates it to be by... Before Akainu could strike Koby, from out of bullets, Whitebeard noticed! Opportunity, Kizaru fires a beam of light evacuated due to his medical equipment and ready for.. Treasure map vice Admiral instead team up no more of this era is called '... Scaffold to collapse once more, emerges but that he was thawed by the Whitebeard alike... And none other than Gold Roger himself it before kicking the Admiral away the... He should not mention it, the Blackbeard pirates cover Whitebeard with a kick of light, stunning long! Is revealed to be rocky arches that converge on the Archipelago, looks shock. Panic, on the first move own crewmembers and allies, both D.... Outrage in the Darkness thus, Marineford is understandably on edge as captain... All the chaos, Akainu 's magma fist with his bisento to create a war that met my.... Of wax in an attempt to stop Ace and Luffy at the of... Stabbed him with his Brilliant Punk attack where they want them, to!, commenting that he makes things ever worse, Akainu continued to attack him, intent on the... 'S crew attempt to free Ace Whitebeard charges into battle, all around the plaza, pirates and Marines to!

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