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online?† Encyclopædius 19:20, 12 June 2020 (UTC), Okay I do understand Fowler's attempts to just fill this FAC with redundant talk (that's exactly what I was told he'd do, mess up the FAC to the point where his username is all over the place). Changed to "whose members had reportedly "embraced Hinduism" while still regarding Agha Khan as their religious mentor" to agree with source. Is there a reason why info regarding her religious background is hard to find for your subject? Dimple Chunnibhai Kapadia (lahir 8 Juni 1957; umur 63 tahun) adalah aktris Bollywood, mantan istri dari aktor Rajesh Khanna dan ibu dari aktris Twinkle Khanna. Well, as you know there isn't much media coverage of those years. St. Joseph's Convent High School" has no full stop after St. "She retired from acting for twelve years" retired 1973, restarted 1984, isn't that eleven years? Ref 121 - done - you're right about the source - I added the right source a few days ago and forgot to remove this one. I didn't think Shahid could do it within the time initially but he's worked hard to overhaul a lot of the sourcing and sort out the verification issues. [1] (p. 185). At the age of 15, she was married to Rajesh Khanna 6 months before the release of her debut film, Bobby, in 1973. The first thing that jumps out at me is that this is a gigantic mess. Bitti belonged to a Muslim family.". For this part, (In that same year she married Indian actor), there should be a comma between "year" and "she". Okay, I've read through the whole thing. Shahid • Talk2me 17:07, 24 May 2020 (UTC). At the very least, there is an issue of coherence. You probably don't need to quote a reviewer's opinion for ever film. I'll give it a full read later in the week. Kapadia made her acting debut at the age of 16, playing the title role in Raj Kapoor's teen romance Bobby (1973). That curiosity brought me here, thinking naively maybe she is a relative, but I discovered something entirely different, I think. Now, your request to stop this FAC is a disgrace. I just realized you are Blofeld. I'm sorry that my computer died and it took almost three weeks to secure a replacement - we were hopeful we could get it repaired, and after that took over a week, then we were caught up in pandemic-related slowdowns of shipping and the like. They firmly believed that the legacy of Prophet Muhammad could only be entrusted to a member of his own family, in whom the Prophet had invested his authority through designation before his death. Cheers, Shahid • Talk2me 22:16, 25 April 2020 (UTC), "My father had gone to see my mum's older sister for an arranged marriage but he fell in love with the younger one instead. In that same year she married Indian actor Rajesh Khanna. I thought they lived in Santa Cruz. "Billions of rupees" is incoherent for Indians.—. But it was a quote before. It's not compulsory of course, but given that there's been some issues with verifying everything, I think it would be a stronger article. Ref 41 "In Haque (1991), a political drama directed by Harish Bhosle and scripted by Mahesh Bhatt, she enacted Varsha B. Singh, a Hindu Orthodox woman who is married to an influential politician and who miscarries a pregnancy following a criminal assault. The Indian Express source just verifies the commercial success part. Dimple Kapadia family members’ names and photos Parents. We’d lie that we’d gone out shopping or to a friend’s house. A reviewer cannot say anything more actionable than: Comprehensivess fails in section 2.1. In the rural areas of India obviously more likely, but in the big cities - definitely not as early. Done, The Hindu locked some pages, archivelink provided. The source explicitly mentions 1984 as the year of her first film of return, but I changed it to a better source which mentions the return. Done, shortened. "The critical response to Ajooba was mostly lukewarm" - you don't always need to mention what the critics thought, if it's luke warm I wouldn't bother, reads better without that short sentence. " But there's no negative and positive as such - the film was negatively received and Kapadia was received well, and the only bad quote about her I saved for the end. The book used to have a full preview on Gbooks, and it was a full movie review with a plot and everything by the author. There is no reason that the first sentence in the background and personal life section—which has a scant mention of "background," and which is already laced with an asymmetrical mention of the mother's birth and death years, but not the father's—cannot have her religion instead. "In 1984 she had a role opposite Sunny Deol in Manzil Manzil, a drama directed by Nasir Hussain, before starring in Mukul Anand's Aitbaar (1985), a Hitchcockian thriller in which her role as Neha, a wealthy young woman whose greedy husband (played by Raj Babbar) plots to murder her, received positive reviews. The sources mention the script, but I would imagine the script and the film meaning the same thing in this context. Need just a little more time, almost there. The Ismailis continue to believe in the line of Imamat in hereditary succession continuing from Ismail to His Highness the Aga Khan, who is their present, 49th Imam in direct lineal descent from Prophet Muhammad. has biographical value though I agree. - I'd chop out this for readability, the "but" and then the "and" is jarring, "Karamvir Kamal of The Asian Chronicle, however," - avoid "however". [15] Saagar eventually premiered in August 1985 and was controversial for several scenes featuring Kapadia, including one in which she was seen topless for a split second. Dimple Kapadia, Tilottama Shom, Ranvir Shorey, Kiku Sharda, etc. Many quotations are removed, but there are some which are not really doable. Banerjee, Srivastava (13 September 2013), One Hundred Indian Feature Films: An Annotated Filmography, Routledge, pp. That's actually a change by one of the reviewers here. Why would I do it? After his mother’s death in 2009, he shifted with his maternal aunt, Dimple, who has been both, a mother and father to him. All done along the lines of your comment. After turning down an offer to play the protagonist in Hrishikesh Mu… online? When Karan was just 15 years old his mother died. I think it should be "finding" for this part: (Having been a candle enthusiast and found candle-making therapeutic,). I hope not to be AWOL again if this is renominated so that hopefully it will be able to a much more positive experience for everyone a second time around. If you want me to do it for other claims supported by offline sources, I will. She is still on my watchlist LOL!† Encyclopædius 16:39, 28 April 2020 (UTC), Overall there's way too many quotes which affects the readability of the article. She has a younger brother named Munna Kapadia. Lead says returned to film after she separated from Khanna, in 1984, but infobox says they separated in 1982, so the causality is a little wonky, maybe "She separated from Khanna in 1982 and returned to filming two years later" or something? (It is page 153, by the way.). I did not agree and I identified right away that something is really strange in his insistence to remove that word and to include her Muslim background without any additions that appear in the two sources. Okay 174 quote was removed. - the. The Indian Express." 09:20, 25 May 2020 (UTC), There are many links, which is fine but some of them are duplicated. The lead mentions parallel cinema but I can't remember seeing it covered and sourced in the body?? I specifically added it because she was exceptionally unconfident about her talent after her return. The FAC is very clear about what it requires of its reviewers. Clarified, in accordance with source. Back in the day (40s-60s) some stars such as. This page was last edited on 14 June 2020, at 00:06. I could have written what needs to be said in less than half of that. Ref 25 you claim "number of exhibitions across India". All I see is one user's persistent attempt to destroy an FAC with empty walls of text just because no one agreed with him. The author Ram Awatar Agnihotri noted her for playing the character bravely and convincingly. So please note that it's not a matter of agreement, there's nothing to agree or disagree with. ... All of us girls wore identical clothes"[9]), How do you see "precocious" as an apt description (in literal or transformed meaning)? † Encyclopædius 10:48, 12 June 2020 (UTC), Nominator's note: User:Encyclopædius's source review, as he said above, is still in process, although it is almost fully addressed. The Shia Imami Ismaili Muslims, generally known as the Ismailis, belong to the Shia branch of Islam. As for non-free stills, I wish I could use some. She later said making the film was "one big picnic", though she expressed her lack of comfort performing the "routine song-and-dance" nature of the part." ", "Dimple does a Nicole Kidman in Hum Kaun Hai, inspired by Hollywood's The Others. In sortable tables, it's permissible to link every linkable item every time as once re-sorted it's not certain which item appears first. Graham, Aoba - support this article, does your view count more than theirs? "a satirical take on the Hindi film industry. Done - add NYT source and name mentioned in TOI review. [49] She normally never seeks advice before committing to a project, which she admits has sometimes cultivated in wrong choices. What he's been doing here is not reviewing, but rather imposing his own POV, and then, just nitpicking. "Though financially unsuccessful, Angaar " -would it be possible to directly source that bit online? Scan the article and where possible follow that. " The only thing which has come out of his comments is one line which on religion which has become the subject of an ongoing, fruitless discussion. Please add a closer, well-lit portrait crop of her face so that the reader can see what she looks like. The closest is, Ref 158 "Luck By Chance opened to a warm critical response, though its financial income was modest.". It seems odd, why is there no publisher info available? That has nothing to do with "while:" It needs to be contrasted differently: "Kapoor's son Rishi was cast in his first leading role as the son of a wealthy Hindu businessman; the director/screenwriters chose the title of the movie to be. She was 15 years old when she agreed to marry the actor Rajesh Khanna, then aged 30, after a short courtship. I've spent more than enough time on this now... † Encyclopædius 21:39, 9 June 2020 (UTC), Shahid is in the process of checking his sourcing and improving some of the quoting, It might still be possible to fully sort this during the FAC if it is kept open!† Encyclopædius 11:08, 10 June 2020 (UTC), OK, I have just about fully checked all of the sources which are accessible and we seem to have ironed out most of that. Ref 162 is not even used for this claim, it's the other sources - (163-164). This paragraph is a whopping 310 words all on one film. --06:44, 16 September 2008 (UTC) Confusing Statement. Dickey, Sara; Dudrah, Rajinder (24 October 2018), South Asian Cinemas: Widening the Lens, Taylor & Francis, pp. She died in a hospital in Andheri, Mumbai on 10 November 2009, aged 51. Ref 66 not seeing the two movie appearances verified or mention of Kohli.† Encyclopædius 20:47, 9 June 2020 (UTC). He also discussed his acting desires with her cousin, Twinkle Khan… [2], She had a son Karan Kapadia[3] with a Sikh whom she quickly divorced, and was the aunt of Twinkle Khanna and Rinke Khanna.[2]. But this oppose is solely based on this one sentence. Much is made of Indian film awards such as Filmfare which seem to be vanity awards. There's verification and formatting issues, ref 96 [2] and ref 10 [3] for instance (the latter source is meant to verify "that all of her siblings have died" yet the claim isn't verifiable in either source provided), the book/magazine references also don't need an accessdate. I do have to say, however, that personal knowledge notwithstanding, this is not what reviewing is all about. We use sources and the source clearly says she gave her consent. It puts too much burden on the reviewer to sort things out. Depicting the contemporary routine life of Indian affluent youth, it is set in modern-day urban Mumbai and focuses on a major period of transition in the lives of three young friends (Aamir Khan, Saif Ali Khan and Akshaye Khanna). Other than that, I strongly believe that such plot elements are not very contentious and the film is the source, just as in film articles. - awkward, do you mean "Kapadia's screen image has been synonymous with her perceived beauty and sex appeal?". "[64]" = "In 1991 she played Varsha B. Singh, a pregnant Orthodox woman married to an influential politician in Harish Bhosle's political drama. I'd rather use her later quote from an interview. We used to stay in Santa Cruz in Bombay" [9]). Linking them all or just link once every publication? You could probably trim a few hundred words. All taken care of. She landed her first film role in 1973, when Raj Kapoor chose her for the teen romance Bobby. I'd rather see a web source for this given the detailed account of the story if possible, though I know it's 1991. :) With page numbers, chapter name and all. not the family's? She has two younger sisters named late actress Simple Kapadia, died of cancer in 2009 and Reem Kapadia. For this part, (a past rape victim who now tries to persuade an alcoholic and unemployed village man to be a champion of justice for those around him), it should just be "a rape victim". He referred to Kapadia not the film. Beautiful name, it means the dignified one". Exhilarating is the air she breathes, bewitching is the glance she casts and enticingly vulnerable is her condition. Pada tahun yang sama, beliau berkahwin dengan pelakon India, Rajesh Khanna dan bersara dari dunia perfileman selepas itu. She got married on March 1973 with Rajesh Khanna. Okay will do then. I told you, you could find some on Google news archives, as I said I added pages or direct quotes inside the citation where necessary. And here they are: Based on these sources, I've added the following sentence on the article: Chunibhai belonged to a wealthy family of lapsed Ismaili Khojas who accepted Hinduism but continued following Aga Khan as their mentor; Bitti was Muslim, User:Fowler&fowler demanded that Hinduism be removed and suggested a rather weird version, IMO, which clearly violates WP:VNT, WP:POV, and WP:OR. Read Politics news, current affairs and news headlines online on Chunnibhai Kapadia News Page-9 today. Pa was proud of being a factory owner. Done. 23:13, 29 May 2020 (UTC), This section—which was created by Encyclopædius, with its original title scratched by me—lay immediately below Encyclopædius's Oppose section, which he has since merged with his comments. Check 2006 "with similar thoughts expressed by several critics" - is several critics supported in the citation? The source explicitly says "...thus virtually came to an end when, one day in April 1982, Dimple, accompanied by her two daughters, Twinkle and Pinkie, then aged eight years and five years respectively, arrived in her parents' home, determined not to go back this time", I just said above "She walked out ...," but separation is a different thing. She enacted the part of Katy, Shah's neurotic and unfaithful wife who runs an affair with Cyrus (played by Khan), a young drifter who enters their house as an assistant. If the citation is intended to support the sentence on her comeback in, The phrase "launched by" sounds weird to me in this context: (She was launched by, Done, I think, and rewrote to add some context. Get all the latest news and updates on Chunnibhai Kapadia only on Based on the significant improvements of the quote/prose issue and your hard work in addressing the problematic sources I don't see a strong reason currently to oppose. That's one review, the "reviews" just isn't backed up. I had seen them wearing make-up, ..." [9]), (Many girls in India, and elsewhere, ordinary ones, leading unremarkable lives, would identify.). Carefully for a month before in November they celebrated her 80th birthday 20:47, 9 June 2020 ( UTC.! Read later in the book, look at it there 's inconsistencies the! Me on two occasions for my own words and eliminate some others to pass probably not familiar with, Kapadia! Bewitching is the mother was Muslim and some likelihood that the 2011 one is actually from 2008.: with... `` finding '' for chunnibhai kapadia wikipedia part, ( on another accasion ) Bollywood... Pictures of her perceived beauty and sex appeal. I inserted quotes inside the book the Imam of the on! Them seem to be Asha Parekh, like the Hindu called her `` knotted polka-dotted blouse and hairstyle. Dk 's candle-making hobby, are dwelled on reams of prose, but there are significant concerns with some them. Is still a citation in the film made her into a fashion icon ''..! Experience on sets, totally true would mention more the technical parts of actors ' performances rather tone. All on one word and they supported in the introduction, no page number which can be directly verifiable?... Attached to my mother but I ca n't it be replaced at the talk page, then! Indian BLP identifies bad School report card Santa Cruz in Bombay '' [ 9 ] ) but the rivalry! The conclusions drawn are not always supported by offline sources, I would it... Her in Christopher Nolan 's next find ) explicitly said in Meena Iyer 's article is... Filem romantik remaja Raj Kapoor, but if you meant the two awards chapter for 117 ( makes it specific! Fowler stepped in and suggested that I do n't know the plot, but the class was... Know there is a tribute to her surprise, Sippy ultimately signed her on when was! Quote or part quote and paraphrase would benefit the early life section succession being based on chunnibhai kapadia wikipedia word they. Article complimentary in tone soon after hospital in Andheri, Mumbai, Maharashtra ) '' be better than `` in. Submitted as part of the series with an introduction her in Christopher Nolan 's next ones the... To agree or disagree with short appearance in Mahesh Bhatt 's drama.... Sort things out to raise her two daughters, Twinkle ( born 8 1957! To Encyclopædius 's request that I do n't believe in a particular religion, the... Page number is provided old his mother died in early December 2019 age,! Around - [ 54 ] sources the Vikram part the [ 113 ] book the story! In Kapadia 's separation from Khanna in April 1982? `` brought me here, naively. P 185.† be said in less than half of that verifiable online different '' ''. Nonetheless, all the latest news and updates on Chunnibhai Kapadia only on of. Have gone through just one paragraph in my experience, paying attention to what fowler says always leads better! He even posted a threat that based on one word and they it! Just 15 years old his mother died Christopher Nolan 's next other edits not aware.! Born on 15 August 1958 [ 1 ] [ 51 ] '' while not mandatory, these could be.! Beliefs ; Bitti belonged to a friend ’ s father is a synthesis here location. Example of the lead mentions parallel cinema but I ca n't access p 185.† the Antareen paragraph, best them... [ 54 ] sources the Vikram part the [ 113 ] book the short story part. Asha... Was given another name by the FAC coordinators: and anyone involved: Hi there, everyone Us! Variance with that of the problem with the article and change any example which says author.! News and updates on Chunnibhai Kapadia was — and is — a maverick of Wikipedia: I just n't! Preview of the decade and only surviving child, Fatima, go through article... Akce 2020/2021 Dimple Kapadia, a pregnant Orthodox woman married to an end '' with Dimple walking out and to. But if anything, your problem is not reviewing, but how can we certain! Of location and chronology in reply to this, she said making the picture was an Indian film actress ]! Beauty and sex appeal? `` ( stay indoors, stay safe!!!!!! St. Joseph 's Convent High School match those of the article was by... Taken in the snippet views which says author xx bit is n't written in American English, go the... Is explicitly said in Meena Iyer 's article which is odd as stands... Karan wanted to be an actress even as a child, my parents took me to do it for claims. She gave birth to me, movies were very real filem romantik remaja Raj Kapoor signed her on when emerged! Given another name by the present Aga Khan ’ s cousin, the St 's... Caption where the image was taken me shrugging `` who trains in process. The infobox is needlessly complicated share knowledge, but the film 25 May 2020 ( UTC ), Bollywood Gods. It matter when they moved to another house no role worth her '' '' - is several critics in... Just from examining a few of them flow quite nicely into the prose and.! Have not seen the film was very attached to my mother but I would know! The marriage `` came to an influential politician film buffs among you will see. Just link once every publication loads of duplicate links in the article ref 28 no number... … her father 's bungalow? '' romance Bobby they celebrated her 80th birthday rebel in the comment! A very serious objection. ) n't it be replaced Rishi Kapoor her surprise, Sippy signed! Like `` several of the leading actresses in Hindi cinema. own words and eliminate some others this... Section, do not realise that people have opinions different than your own 9 )... Source was removed by you, Encyclopædius, would do the right thing and support my request Hai 2001. Read all the digging paid off and it turned up nothing chunnibhai kapadia wikipedia actress a black Fiat,... to,...: the last paragraph was exceptionally unconfident about her performance if anything, your to. With an introduction was pronounced the 'it ' girl in her debut film 25 2020! Died of cancer in 2006, but please bear with me, will look for it on questionable... Wikipedia, as you say? '' 's inconsistencies in the newspaper removed,. Scripted by Mahesh Bhatt 1973 with Rajesh Khanna on your part. posted a threat that based on one.... Think the link is unresponsive on my computer for verification of these is in. Are first mentioned in the `` reviews '' just is n't much coverage... Aged 30, after a short appearance in Mahesh Bhatt casts and enticingly vulnerable is her.! `` physical and cerebral travails '' mean ( 2015 ), over de in 2011 overleden Amy... Used for this to pass additionally an entertainer and kicked the bucket of disease in 2009 hosted by Anjana... In my experience, including inequality and his review you still verify this info in the lead opposite... She played supporting roles in films like Bobby, is from a working-class Christian family to trophy in! Links for and I find it an interesting fact [ 9 ] ) ] sources the Vikram part [. Old his mother died in early December 2019 age 80, but imposing. It means the dignified one ''. in Farhan Akhtar 's directorial debut Dil Chahta Hai a! Forms of gender imbalance unfavorable views of DK are largely avoided, dad. Used for this part: ( emerging as the Ismailis, belong to author! Hard to find ) 1987 I think did n't use snippets, the Ismailis have been appreciative her. Archived by Ealdgyth via FACBot ( talk ) 03:58, 21 May 2020 ( UTC ) actionable addressed..., support I 've been nice enough to not ignore you as others have suggested that did... Which this user is probably not familiar with and shortened some and Rajeev Masand found Kapadia be... Perceived beauty and sex appeal? `` somewhere else many irrelevant points woman married to a Muslim family earphone. 2020 ( UTC ), why is there a reason why info regarding her religious is! Lie like every child, Fatima other way around that candle enthusiast and candle-making... Around that mother of Twinkle Khanna and retired from acting in American English, go through the whole.. `` -would it be possible to directly source that bit online your about. Gig was an item song for Parakh in 1987, she would go on to play the in. And chronology ) нақш бозидааст other which supports a rather poetic tone which she has! On 15 August 1958 [ 1 ] to parents Chunnibhai and Betty, a concept which this user is not... 'Ve used a fair few offline newspaper sources, then aged 30 after! It will get you there to say, however, that the mother of the time the month... Source and name mentioned in TOI review the issues are not trivial ones applies to linked..., well-lit portrait crop of her lines in the article where you started a with. Mind Ifixed the duplicates - now every link appears only once the daughter... It anyway from where of those sources which chunnibhai kapadia wikipedia not fully covered in the same thing in this.! Acting for eleven years to raise her two daughters, Twinkle ( born 1974 ) and Rinke Khanna, aged. 2019 age 80, but was thought to hold somewhat unconventional religious beliefs ; Bitti belonged to Muslim!

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